We helped Star Stable Entertainment build an adaptive and fast-paced recruitment

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Uppdrag

The gaming industry is growing rapidly. Due to the isolation the number of gamers worldwide have reached new records and shows no signs of slowing down. As a consequence, the competition to attract, recruit and retain top talent is fiercely increasing. Star Stable Entertainment turned to us to secure their continued growth and find new talents to join their company. 

With over 21 million registered users in 180 countries, Star Stable Entertainment is the world’s fastest growing horse-adventure game. We talked to Marie Lundgren, their Chief People Officer, about our collaboration and what we’ve contributed to their journey. 

– A lot has happened since I started three years ago. Star Stable has experienced rapid growth – not only in sales and products, but also in numbers. When I joined the company there were around 70 employees, today that number has reached 170. We’ve been facing many challenges, and it was extremely important for us to find a recruitment partner that made our recruitment more effective, instead of adding to our workload. In Recommended by, we found a partner that became a natural part of our organization, and they got to know us so well that they work as an extension of us. Together, we improved our recruitment process and found new ways of working. 

According to Marie Lundgren, she felt completely safe to leave the process entirely in our hands, which she hadn’t experienced before. 

– With the help of Recommended By, our recruitment process is now more agile and fast-paced, which meant that our People and Culture-team could get straight to work. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, our Talent-team were able to focus on the right things, which have been extremely valuable. 

Long- and short term results

The collaboration has also brought a far greater value than just the delivery of a candidate. We’ve improved their recruitment process and ways of work as a whole, meaning the results are far-reaching. 

– Short-term, we received a partner that quickly understood our needs and helped us find candidates from day one. In the long term, our recruitment process is now more effective and agile. Instead of just delivering a candidate and then leaving, we are very happy that the extensive knowledge and experience of our partner stays within our organisation. 

A value driven recruitment process

Star Stable Entertainment aims to empower young girls and offer them a space in an otherwise male-dominated gaming environment. We ensured the entire recruitment process reflected their values and their goal to be an equal and inclusive employer.

– Our vision with our recruitment process is to treat all our candidates equally and create the best possible experience even for the majority of applicants that don’t move on to the next step. For us, it was very important to find a partner who understands who we are and what we stand for and delivers quality in every step of the way, and we truly believe we have found that in Recommended By, says Marie Lundgren. 


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