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Welcome to “Becoming Recommended by” the podcast that dives deep into the ever-evolving world of recruitment and HR. Join host Tove Oldebäck as she, together with colleagues, industry experts & thought leaders, guide you through the maze of challenges faced by organizations in today’s dynamic market.

In each episode, we tackle pressing issues that keep leaders, HR managers & recruiters up at night. We delve into the latest trends, strategies, and innovative solutions that shape the future of HR & Recruitment.

Whether you’re an HR professional seeking fresh perspectives, a recruiter striving to discover innovative techniques, or a a leader looking to navigate the complexities of the modern organizations, this podcast is for you.

Latest episode

Gasellprisets triumf under tiden för stora nedskärningar

by Tove Oldebäck, Mattias Jansson & Ida Utterström | Episode 15

Recent episode

Kandidatupplevelse med rekryteringsexperten Jonas Hogener

by Tove Oldebäck & Jonas Hogener | Episode 14

Fyradagars arbetsvecka med Mattias Wiking från Turborilla

by Tove Oldebäck & Mattias Wiking från Turborilla | Episode 13

Företag i tillväxt: Att navigera dess utmaningar med Patrick Liu

by Tove Oldebäck & Patrick Liu från Fast Travel Games | Episode 11

Företagskultur, med CEO Mattias Wiking från Turborilla

by Tove Oldebäck & Mattias Wiking från Turborilla | Episode 10

Ledarskap på distans: Utmaningar och möjligheter för framtidens arbetsplats

by Tove Oldebäck, Ebba Jandér & Johanna Sylvander från Remote | Episode 9

Att låta ALLA sätta sina egna löner

by Tove Oldebäck & Michaela Bodlander | Episode 8

Employer branding

by Tove Oldebäck, Eva Björkman & Mia Nolberg | Episode 7

Värderingsstyrd rekrytering del 2

by Tove Oldebäck & Mia Nolberg | Episode 6

Meet Tove Oldebäck

Tove had grown tired of working under bad managers and feeling like she was never given the chance to realize her full potential. Faced with a lack of interesting employers, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Together with her colleague, Mattias, she founded Recommended By with a simple yet powerful vision: to create their own dream workplace. Now, their mission is to help other companies achieve the same status by becoming highly recommended by their own employees.

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Join us on “Becoming Recommended by” where we bring you engaging conversations with industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners who have successfully overcome the hurdles in the ever-changing world of recruitment and HR. Together, let’s unlock the secrets to building thriving teams, attracting top talent, and fostering a work environment that inspires everyone to reach their full potential.