We are continuing our growth journey with amazing clients and exciting assignments and therefore we are very happy to announce our two new Growth Consultants Michaela Bodlander and Maria Sjöman, who will further strengthen our people & culture team as well as help our clients find new talents and accelerate their recruitment. 

– It means a lot for us to have Michaela and Maria on our People & Culture team, they are two very talented consultants. I am so proud of our team who manage to attract such amazing new colleagues. Looking at where we are now, Recommended By can offer a broad range of expertise within People & Culture, says Tove Oldebäck, CEO of Recommended By. 

As Growth Consultants, Michaela Bodlander and Maria Sjöman will get familiar with our clients’ challenges in order to help them reach their goals and recruit new talents. We believe we add the most value when our consultants work closely with our clients and their businesses. 

Background within the gaming industry

Michaela Bodlander specializes in international recruitment and projects within HR. Her early HR career began within big global companies such as Coty and Unilever. Up until recently, Michaela worked as a Global Talent Acquisition and Student Relations partner at Avalanche Studios, providing her with a unique insight in the specific challenges the tech/gaming industry faces, as well as an experience in collaborating with universities in order to find new talents. 

– What really drew me towards Recommended By and made me choose them as an employer was the unique way they prioritize and value their consultants. For me, it felt completely new and refreshing and like something I hadn’t heard of before, says Michaela Bodlander. 

Michaela has strong relationship building skills and delivers with speed and quality when she is met with her clients’ challenges. She especially thrives when she can help clients build sustainable growth strategies.

– Personally, I really enjoy and take value from learning and evolving as I go, and I’m happy that my new colleagues at Recommended By are valuing the same thing. It’s a perfect match, and I can’t wait to get started and get to know new ways of working in my upcoming assignment with Budbee, says Michaela Bodlander.

A perfect fit for us

Maria Sjöman is a People & Culture consultant. Her most previous experience as a Senior Recruit Consultant and Key Account Responsible at We Select makes her a perfect fit for us when it comes to helping our clients grow strategically by finding talents, improving processes and people experience, and at the same time deliver the best possible service to the organizations. 

– I look forward to joining such a dedicated and talented team and I can’t wait to get to know my new colleagues as well as the fantastic clients of Recommended By. I am also very excited to join my first client, Mojang Studios, and help them become the best possible HR-department, says Maria Sjöman. 


For further questions, contact:
Tove Oldebäck, CEO
+4670-715 24 66


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