At Recommended By, we’ve made it our vision to transform proven methods and ways of working within the HR industry to deliver more sustainable and innovative People & Culture solutions. We are now thrilled to announce that we’re taking another big and important step towards making this a reality – by introducing Recommended By: Build & Grow.

Recommended By is about to become more sustainable and innovative. With our new product Build & Grow, we will give our clients access to a library of all our combined knowledge. As our client, you will be able to find the best suited solution that will help your organization reach sustainable growth and change. We have never believed there is a one-size-fits-all when it comes to HR. 

By introducing Build & Grow, we will be able work even more closely with our clients to collaborate, identify, design and implement the best possible tailored services and solutions. 

We have made our changes with these goals in mind:

  • Help our clients build and implement long term solutions for becoming an awesome employer – even in growth
  • Boost collaboration, with our clients as well as internally, to achieve better and faster results for each solution than what would be possible with a single consultant (time is money) 
  • Increase the amount of transparency and understanding by letting our clients know what we will deliver, what impact it will have, and how much it will cost – before we start

How this will benefit our clients

When we deliver a full team of People & Culture experts that collaborate together and deliver a wide range of services, instead of one consultant working per hour to solve one problem, our clients will benefit from their combined knowledge and gain faster and better results. 

As a client, you won’t need to stay on top of details. Instead, we put our years of experience together in the project to ensure a valuable outcome. For example, we’ve noticed that some organizations are struggling with hiring candidates and need help with recruitment, only to later find out that they are also struggling with keeping their employees. Often, the perceived problem is different from the actual problem. 

We believe in creating innovative and fit-for-purpose solutions. When our clients turn to us, we want to be able to get to the root of the problem instead of just delivering a single service. When our experts collaborate as a team and work strategically we can deliver far beyond a single solution delivered by one consultant.

Curious to learn more? Get in touch and let us know what you think.

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