As we are continuously growing with amazing clients, exciting assignments, and also established a new concept, we need to extend our team further. Therefore, we are very happy to announce our three new Growth Consultants, Maria Nolberg, Henrik Josander and Emma Sunder, who will further strengthen our People & Culture team.  

“During 2021, Recommended by has taken several important steps towards becoming the high-quality and value-driven company that we want to be. We have developed a new concept where we can use our expertise to help our customers in a completely new way, and with the help of Maria, Emma and Henrik we can now rise to a whole new level. I am so incredibly grateful for the competent and fun team we are now.”, says Tove Oldebäck, CEO of Recommended By.  

Three is the magic number! 

We are so excited to have three new Growth consultants to our team this fall! Emma started her career in the tech industry at Ericsson where she worked with Talent Acquisition and Recruitment. Before she started at Ericsson, she graduated from Linköpings University where she did a Master in Human Resource Management and Development. 

“I have known about Recommended By for a long time and I’m so excited to finally join the team. The team spirit, the strong culture and way to always thinking outside of the box is something that got me hooked right away. I can’t wait to start working with operational assignments and strategic questions within People and Culture to find the best solutions for our clients.”, says Emma Sunder. 

Values that attract and match!  

Our second new team member is Henrik. Most recently he comes from a role as personnel manager and has previously worked in recruitment. With an academic background in behavioral science and cognitive science, he takes a great interest in using neuropsychology, social psychology and technology in his approach to working with people and culture.  

“From day one I could tell that Recommended By was a team of people who lives and breathes their values of being brave, wise and inspiring, values that I share. I am excited to join some of the best people in the market to create true value for clients in the most innovative industries.”, says Henrik Josander. 

Our third new team member Maria also highlights the importance in joining an organization where the values is corresponding with your own 

“What made me interested in Recommended By in the first place was how aligned the values were, and that we had the same way of looking at work-life balance. For example, it’s a freedom for me that I can be located in Östersund, even though we are a Stockholm based company. I’m so excited to continue my journey with Recommended by and contribute to the team.”, says Maria Nolberg. 

Maria is a Senior Consultant with many years of experience within Talent Acquisition and Human Capital, and also from working at LinkedIn, which will bring a lot of value when it comes to employer branding. Her experience and knowledge will be a huge asset to Recommended By and our clients. 

We are so excited for all the assignments and our extended team that will enable us to absolutely rock this fall!  


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