Client cases

Turborilla’s Cultural Evolution

Turborilla’s collaboration with us transformed their cultural landscape. Not only did they gain clarity on their company values, but they also saw these values come alive in their day-to-day operations, fostering a stronger, more cohesive team spirit.

Aimo Park’s Mission to Rethink Parking

To reinvent parking, Aimo Park required a team that was agile, innovative, and driven. How could they streamline their recruitment process, bolster their employer brand, and strengthen leadership to attract such talent?

Aimo Park’s partnership with us not only transformed their recruitment process, but also established a strong employer brand that resonates with potential candidates.

Invibes’ Journey to Enhanced Recruitment

As a growing company in the competitive advertising technology sector, Invibes was determined to streamline their recruitment process.

Invibes witnessed a significant improvement in their recruitment process. Not only were they hiring the right candidates at a faster pace, but even those who didn’t secure a position left with a positive impression and a keen interest in the company.

Miradot’s Cultural Transformation

As Miradot endeavored to lead in the digital transformation domain, they recognized the need for a strong, integrated culture.

With a solidified culture and an effective recruitment process, Miradot was well-equipped to forge ahead in their mission. Their team, now more than ever, operated in harmony, guided by shared values.

Star Stable Entertainment’s Quest for Inclusive Recruitment

Our journey with Star Stable wasn’t just about filling positions but elevating their entire recruitment narrative. The short-term benefits were evident – a partner who brought on board suitable candidates. In the long haul, Star Stable is now equipped with an agile recruitment process, and the expertise we provided remains an integral part of their organization.

Elevating Sustainable Leadership Culture at Worldfavor

Worldfavor realized that to truly enable sustainable decisions in the external world, they needed to foster a sustainable leadership culture internally. The outcome was transformative. Leaders began making immediate adjustments, emphasizing delegation and ownership to bolster team motivation. A heightened sense of self-awareness allowed them to fine-tune and elevate their leadership strategies.

Navigating Rapid Growth at Fast Travel Games

The accelerated growth was a double-edged sword. On one side, it was a testament to Fast Travel Games’ success, but on the other, it brought forth significant challenges in terms of HR processes and company culture. They needed guidance to ensure their culture remained intact and that their HR processes could support the burgeoning team.

Fast Travel Games not only had a well-defined culture but also the processes in place to support their growing team.

Powering Devoteam’s Growth through Recruitment and Employer Branding

Devoteam’s rapid growth was both exhilarating and demanding. The burgeoning need for fresh talent required a revamped recruitment process — one that was fast yet meticulous and scalable. Additionally, they realized the need to elevate their employer brand to attract the best talent available.

Devoteam was equipped with an efficient, scalable recruitment mechanism. Moreover, their brand was invigorated, helping them attract a more diverse pool of top-tier candidates.

Powering Chief Rebel’s Growth through Recruitment and Culture Definition

With a clearly articulated culture and an optimized recruitment process, Chief Rebel was poised to scale efficiently. Their talent pool grew, ensuring that they had the right people to further their legacy of innovative game design.