Worldfavor enable sustainable business decisions, with a solutions to easily share and access sustainability data. 


Defined leadership aspirations

At first, we gathered leaders from Worldfavor to align on what leadership is for them in their organization. The workshop included presentation of research about employee engagement and autonomy, as well as practicing and breaking down Worldfavors values into leadership behaviours. ​​


Leadership coaching

We continued with individual leadership coaching sessions for every leader at the department. The goal was to increase self-awareness and through that reach better results in their teams. ​

The leaders did instant changes within their teams, such as giving ownership & delegate to increase motivation. By becoming more self-aware, they understood their strengths and challenges which led them to improve their leadership as a whole.


Great workshop! Felt both inspired and motivated after this day. Great exercise connected to values – take away alot of inspiration from that set-up, and can clearly see how I can apply it in other contexts.

Manager at Worldfavor