Case Study: Elevating Sustainable Leadership Culture at Worldfavor

Worldfavor stands at the forefront of sustainable business decisions, empowering businesses with tools to share and access crucial sustainability data. Yet, as they accelerated in their mission, the leadership at Worldfavor recognized the need for evolution in their approach to leadership.


Sustainability isn’t just about the environment; it’s about creating a work culture that can endure and thrive. Worldfavor realized that to truly enable sustainable decisions in the external world, they needed to foster a sustainable leadership culture internally.

The Journey with us


Defining Leadership aspirations

Our initial phase involved an immersive workshop with Worldfavor’s leaders. Through presentations rooted in research about employee engagement and autonomy, we sought to crystallize what leadership truly meant for Worldfavor. The hands-on session also involved breaking down Worldfavor’s values, translating them into actionable leadership behaviors.


Leadership coaching

With a clear understanding of leadership aspirations, we progressed to individualized coaching sessions for each departmental leader. The overarching goal was fostering self-awareness. We believed that by recognizing their strengths and areas for growth, these leaders could drive more significant results within their teams.


With renewed leadership approaches rooted in self-awareness and aligned with Worldfavor’s values, the organization experienced a palpable shift. Teams felt more empowered, motivated, and aligned with the company’s sustainability mission.

The outcome was transformative. Leaders began making immediate adjustments, emphasizing delegation and ownership to bolster team motivation. A heightened sense of self-awareness allowed them to fine-tune and elevate their leadership strategies.

Client’s Voice

The workshop was enlightening! I left the session feeling invigorated and inspired. The exercises connecting our core values to actionable leadership behaviors were especially impactful. I’ve gleaned a wealth of insights that I see myself applying in diverse contexts.

Manager at Worldfavor

Worldfavor’s commitment to internal sustainability, in terms of leadership practices, mirrors their external mission. Their story underscores that sustainable leadership is foundational to driving sustainable business outcomes.

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