Case Study: Star Stable Entertainment’s Quest for Inclusive Recruitment

Star Stable Entertainment has galloped its way to the forefront of the gaming industry. Boasting a user base of over 21 million from 180 countries, it’s not just any game; it’s the world’s fastest-growing horse-adventure saga. But beneath the pixels and storylines, they harbored a mission: to create an inclusive gaming realm, especially for young girls in a male-dominated space. Their recruitment vision was clear – every candidate, irrespective of the outcome, should have an unparalleled experience.


How does a company with such massive reach ensure an equal, empowering, and seamless recruitment process?

The Journey with us


Crafting an Inclusive Recruitment Process

Understanding Star Stable’s values was crucial. Their mission wasn’t just about hiring; it was about representation, equality, and breaking the traditional molds. We crafted a recruitment process that wasn’t just functional but resonated with Star Stable’s commitment to inclusivity.


Operational Recruitment Beyond Numbers

While the primary goal was to find diverse talents, our collaboration delved deeper. We examined the nuances of Star Stable’s operations and infused efficiency, agility, and effectiveness. The outcome was a holistic improvement in their recruitment strategy, ensuring sustainability and growth.


Our journey with Star Stable wasn’t just about filling positions but elevating their entire recruitment narrative. The short-term benefits were evident – a partner who resonated with their vision and brought on board suitable candidates. In the long haul, Star Stable is now equipped with an agile recruitment process, and the expertise we provided remains an integral part of their organization.

Client’s Voice

Short-term, we received a partner that quickly understood our needs and helped us find candidates from day one. In the long term, our recruitment process is now more effective and agile. Instead of just delivering a candidate and then leaving, we are very happy that the extensive knowledge and experience of our partner stays within our organisation.

Marie Lundberg, Head of HR

Star Stable Entertainment’s commitment to equal opportunity and inclusivity is commendable, and we’re proud to have played a part in their journey. Their story is a testament to how visionary goals, when combined with the right strategy and execution, can create transformative results.

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