Case Study: Miradot’s Cultural Transformation

In a world that’s continually evolving with digital advancements, Miradot stands as a beacon for digital transformation, ensuring seamless synergy between people and technology.


As Miradot endeavored to lead in the digital transformation domain, they recognized the need for a strong, integrated culture. A culture where company values weren’t just words on paper but were lived and breathed by every team member. Additionally, as their team grew, so did the need for a scalable and consistent recruitment process, aligned with their core values.

The Journey with us


Defining & Integrating Culture & Values

We took a deep dive into understanding the essence of Miradot. Working closely with the entire team, we helped them articulate, define, and most importantly, integrate their company values into the organizational fabric.


Building a Scalable Recruitment Process

Miradot’s guiding principles were essential, and they became the foundation upon which we built their recruitment process. This approach ensured that as Miradot scaled, they did so with individuals who were not just skilled but also deeply aligned with the company’s values.


HR Advisory

Our relationship with Miradot wasn’t restricted to recruitment. We served as trusted advisors, assisting them with various HR challenges, ensuring their human resource strategies were always in line with their company values.


With a solidified culture and an effective recruitment process, Miradot was well-equipped to forge ahead in their mission. Their team, now more than ever, operated in harmony, guided by shared principles.

Client’s Voice

Recommended by has helped us put culture on the agenda. We think more about how we act towards each other and how we work with everything from leadership to customer relations, linked to our guiding principles.

David Tombs, Partner and COO

Miradot’s commitment to aligning their operations with their company values underscores the power of a cohesive organizational culture. Their journey stands as a testament to the fact that when culture and strategy align, remarkable transformations occur.

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