Client Case: Invibes’ Journey to Enhanced Recruitment

In the dynamic world of in-feed advertising, Invibes stands tall with a proprietary technology that targets and delivers campaigns on media inventory. However, to drive their mission forward, they needed the right talents who not only possessed the skills but also resonated with the company’s vision and values.


As a growing company in the competitive advertising technology sector, Invibes was determined to streamline their recruitment process. They wanted candidates to experience their vision and values from the outset, ensuring that they attracted individuals who were a perfect fit for the brand ethos.

The Journey with us



Our collaboration with Invibes was focused on revamping their recruitment strategy. We meticulously refined the candidate experience, ensuring that Invibes’ vision and values were evident from the very beginning. Through our tailored approach, we elevated their hiring success rate, connecting them with candidates who were not just qualified but also aligned with the company’s core beliefs.


The partnership bore fruits, and Invibes witnessed a significant improvement in their recruitment process. Not only were they hiring the right candidates at a faster pace, but even those who didn’t secure a position left with a positive impression and a keen interest in the company.

Client’s Voice

My experience with Recommended by has been nothing short of remarkable. Recommended by quickly and efficiently scoped out and helped me find the perfect sales profiles for my business, showcasing their professionalism and expertise throughout the process.

Recommended by’s success in conveying my company’s vision to candidates was truly impressive. Despite some candidates not securing the job, they left the process with a positive attitude and genuine curiosity about my company. Their dedication to delivering top-class candidates and results has left a lasting impression on me.

I wholeheartedly endorse Recommended by as a reliable partner for achieving hiring targets.

Niklas Bellander, Country Director Nordics

Invibes’ endeavor to optimize their recruitment process showcases the impact of aligning hiring strategies with the company’s core beliefs. Their story serves as an inspiration for businesses aiming to enhance their recruitment journey.

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