Invibes operates a proprietary technology to target & deliver in-feed advertising campaigns on media inventory.


Operational recruitment

Our team helped them refine the candidate experience, make their vision & values shine through from the start and increase their hiring success rate with the right candidates.


My experience with Recommended by has been nothing short of remarkable. Recommended by quickly and efficiently scoped out and helped me find the perfect sales profiles for my business, showcasing their professionalism and expertise throughout the process.

Recommended by’s success in conveying my company’s vision to candidates was truly impressive.Despite some candidates not securing the job, they left the process with a positive attitude and genuine curiosity about my company. Their dedication to delivering top-class candidates and results has left a lasting impression on me.

I wholeheartedly endorse Recommended by as a reliable partner for achieving hiring targets.

Niklas Bellander, Country Director Nordics