Case Study: Powering Devoteam’s Growth with Efficient Recruitment and Employer Branding

Devoteam stands out as a titan in the consulting world, boasting 25 years of transformative work in digital strategy, tech platforms, data, and cybersecurity. With a staggering 10,000-strong team spread across continents, they have cemented their reputation as leaders in their domain. However, as they expanded, the demand for talent became more pressing, particularly in the fiercely competitive Stockholm market.


Devoteam’s rapid growth was both exhilarating and demanding. The burgeoning need for fresh talent required a revamped recruitment process — one that was fast yet meticulous and scalable. Additionally, they realized the need to elevate their employer brand to attract the best talent available.

The Journey with us


Designing a Scalable Recruitment Process

To ensure Devoteam was equipped to handle their recruitment needs efficiently, we worked together to develop an agile and transparent recruitment procedure. This included providing pivotal coaching and recruitment-specific training for Devoteam’s internal hiring team.


Boosting Employer brand

The war for talent is real, especially in tech-centric markets. By harnessing insights from target group analysis, market trends, and competitive benchmarking, we crafted a comprehensive strategy. This strengthened Devoteam’s appeal to potential hires and positioned them as an employer of choice in their domain.


Accelerating the Recruitment Cycle

Time is of the essence in the recruitment world. Our collaboration ensured Devoteam could expedite their hiring process without compromising on the quality of candidates. The strategies we implemented were not only agile but also inclusive, leading to positive feedback across the board – from the candidates to the hiring teams.


Devoteam was equipped with an efficient, scalable recruitment mechanism. Moreover, their brand was invigorated, helping them attract a more diverse pool of top-tier candidates.

Client’s Voice

Recommended by helped us set up a scalable and efficient recruitment process. As a result we’ve seen an increased diversity of candidates.

Manager at Devoteam

Devoteam’s commitment to adapting and evolving their recruitment and branding strategies underscores their dedication to excellence. With the right strategies in place, they are well poised to continue their legacy of success and innovation in the digital world.

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