Case Study: Powering Chief Rebel’s Ascension through Recruitment and Culture Definition

Born from the minds of industry veterans in 2018, Chief Rebel has rapidly gained recognition in the gaming world. With their unique approach to game design, characterized by vivid magical environments and evolving in-game abilities, they’ve showcased that true success lies in fostering creativity. Yet, as they expanded, there was an emerging need to both articulate their intrinsic values and scale their team efficiently.


For a company as distinct as Chief Rebel, it was essential to ensure that their culture was clearly defined and that they attracted the right talent — those who would thrive in their dynamic and creative setting.

The Journey with us


Defining Company values

By organizing a series of collaborative workshops and iterations, we helped Chief Rebel capture and define their core values, ensuring they resonated with every team member.


Revamping the Recruitment Process

In the fast-paced world of gaming, agility is key. Recognizing this, we designed an efficient recruitment process tailored for Chief Rebel’s rapid scaling phase. This new strategy placed their unique culture at the forefront, ensuring candidates connected with their ethos from the outset.


Operational recruitment

Our collaboration extended beyond strategy; we actively supported Chief Rebel in their talent acquisition journey.


With a clearly articulated culture and an optimized recruitment process, Chief Rebel was poised to scale efficiently. Their talent pool grew, ensuring that they had the right people to further their legacy of innovative game design.


Increased candidate conversion rate


Increased career site visits


More organic hires


Increased number of applicants

In the dynamic world of gaming, Chief Rebel stands as a testament to the fact that with a strong culture and the right talent, the sky’s the limit. As they continue to enchant gamers worldwide, their foundational principles and team will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in their success.

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