Case Study: Aimo Park’s Mission to Rethink Parking

In the vast landscape of the parking sector, Aimo Park stood out with a bold vision: Rethink Parking. But to bring this revolutionary idea to life, they needed a workforce that resonated with their innovative spirit and people-first approach. They aimed to redefine not just the customer’s parking experience, but also the entire recruitment process.


To reinvent parking, Aimo Park required a team that was agile, innovative, and driven. How could they streamline their recruitment process, bolster their employer brand, and strengthen leadership to attract such talent?

The Journey with us


Scalability in Recruitment

Understanding Aimo Park’s ambitions, we dived deep into crafting a recruitment process that was not only efficient but also scalable. Through hands-on interventions, we elevated their recruitment strategy, enhancing speed, efficiency, and overall quality.


Boosting Employer Brand

To attract the right talent, it’s crucial to position oneself correctly in the market. We focused on understanding Aimo Park’s target audience and amplified their presence in relevant digital forums. From creating engaging career sites to crafting compelling job adverts, we elevated their employer brand to resonate with the innovators they sought.


Strengthening Leadership

A great vision requires strong leaders to steer the ship. We embarked on extensive leadership training sessions across the organization, ensuring that every leader was not just equipped with the right skills but was also “recommended” by their teams.


Aimo Park’s partnership with us transformed their recruitment and leadership landscape. They not only achieved an efficient recruitment process but also established a strong employer brand that resonates with potential candidates.

Client’s Voice

Our collaboration with Recommended by has been pivotal in refining our recruitment process. They have not only enhanced our employer brand but also crafted a career site that we take immense pride in. The positive feedback from candidates on their experience and our career site is a testament to the efficacy of this partnership.

Carolina Granat, HR Director

Aimo Park’s commitment to revolutionizing parking is mirrored in their dedication to attracting the right talent. Their story stands as a beacon for organizations aiming to seamlessly align their recruitment strategies with their overarching mission.

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