Recommended By are proud to announce our new collaboration with Budbee – a dynamic and fast-growing technology company, committed to creating the best online shopping delivery service on the market. In our future collaboration, we will support their growth journey by building a strong recruitment process and attract new talents to join their tech department. 

In our collaboration with Budbee, we aim to support their ongoing growth journey with our new scalable solution. This means we will deliver, based on Budbee’s needs and our competence, a clear and flexible plan to make their growth agile and strong.

An endless array of possibilities

 Budbee faces their own unique challenge with many different skills and puzzle pieces needed in order for them to evolve as a company, and we are very happy to have been chosen to help them solve this. We believe that our new agile solution will be applicable for Budbee as an organization.

– I have been a Budbee-customer ever since the beginning of their journey, simply because I am a huge fan of their quick and flexible solution. The founders of Budbee saw a problem and came up with a solution, and step by step they built something truly amazing. Their service has revolutionized the logistics industry as a whole and helped pave the way for its future growth. Budbee continues to inspire me, and I see endless possibilities in our future collaboration, says Tove Oldebäck, CEO and consultant at Recommended By within Talent Acquisition, HR, Employer Branding and Management.

Stronger employer brand to find new talents

In order for Budbee to be successful in attracting and retaining top talents, we will also redefine and strengthen their employer brand strategy, understanding of their candidates and where to look. Going forward, our main focus will be finding talents that will join the tech department of Budbee, such as Senior Engineers and VP of Product. More specifically, Budbee aims to grow the department with around 40 employees, and Recommended By will provide them with the tools necessary to reach their goals successfully and with quality. 

– This collaboration is a perfect example of real life implementation of our mission to help clients change and grow through a combination of guidance, training, operational support and strategic solutions for a sustainable future, says Tove Oldebäck.

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